Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure and riskless cloud computing services platform. That offers database storage, content delivery, computer power and much more other functionalities to help your business to grow.

If anyone looking for affordable web services platform then Amazon web services is best option for them and AWS remains the single largest player in cloud based computing market.

For new businesses, this low barrier to passage has facilitate the ascent of well-known photograph sharing site,  for example  imgur, while popular organizations like Netflix have changed their workloads to Amazon Web Services to reduce the complications in their services while at the same time with less costs.

To understand and to start Amazon Web services you need to first understand what it’s all about and how it works so navigate below to get started.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

amazon web services

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, it is subsidiary of It is the beloved leader in Cloud computing market, and it is launched in way back 2006, when no company had the cloud computing business.

Present day total 70% of the whole cloud computing market resides in AWS. From this you can imagine how big Amazon web services is.

There are so many popular companies using AWS structure for their business for example companies like Kellogg’s, NETFLIX, Adobe, Amazon, Airbng and etc., from past years.

Amazon Web Services gives administrations from many servers spread across over availability zones in areas over the world. An availability zones speaks to an area that normally contains different physical server, while a district is a gathering of availability zones in geographic vicinity associated by low-inertness arrange joins.

An AWS client can turn up virtual machines and duplicate information in various availability zones to accomplish a very solid foundation that is resistance to damage of individual servers or a whole server centre.

In excess of 100 administrations involve the Amazon Web Services portfolio, including those for process, databases, framework administration, application advancement and security.

Amazon Web Services Benefits:

AWS Benefits

Everyone is trying to use AWS, and everyone wants to put their application in cloud. So let’s get to know why AWS is in top and best cloud based services provider.

  • One of the biggest reason is billing, here the billing is very clear, and you can get per hour billing, every instance and for every services as a micro billing which is great.
  • Signup process is very easy, you don’t need to sign up any agreement.
  • You just go signup with Email id and add your card details and you good to go, and amazon web services login is also very easy to remember.
  • You can Launch Servers and Big machines without buying hardware.
  • Without procuring any hardware devices you can up and run machines in minutes.
  • Their billing dashboard is also simple, they give you integrated billing dashboard which gives you reports.
  • For the cloud providers to be hit you needed to be stable, it has to be trusted. So at AWS their services quite stable, in the last 8 or 9 years they have seen some 4 major outages.
  • It’s a trusted vendor, AWS is used by everyone in the industry from small start-ups to big Enterprises. Everyone sees Amazon as a trusted advisor. 

AWS Tutorial:

AWS Tutorial

From above information we get to know about what AWS is and how it helps, to learn more about amazon web services tutorial we keep posting updated information here.

AWS have lot of services and getting started with all of them is tough. If you follow Amazon web services tutorial from theawsblog you can have good skills about AWS.

AWS Services:

Let’s check an overview of most commonly used services,

amazon web services

Elastic computer cloud (EC2): This is the service which gives you bare servers, this service gives your machine which you can launch and you can run your software on those. You can get small and big machines depending on your requirements. Find more about Amazon Ec2 here.

Virtual Private control (VPC): Amazon will not allow you on full control of their cloud instead they give you chunks of their cloud which is VPC. So VPC lets you create networks in cloud and then run your servers in those networks.

Simple Storage Services (S3): S3 gives you the opportunity to upload and share the files. So this is mostly the file uploading and sharing services. Learn more about Amazon s3 here.

Relational Database services (RDS): RDS allows you to run and manage databases on the cloud. So they got almost all the major flavours of databases right from SQL server to ORACLE and MySQL, postgrad SQL.

Route 53: Route 53 is the DNS, so they go to manage DNS services where in you can point your DNS to Amazon and they take of the stuff.

Elastic Load Balancer (ELB): ELB is a service which gives the opportunity to load balance increasing traffic to multiple machines, this way you can setup your web applications to any number of users.

Auto scaling: Auto scaling is a service which ads capacity on the fly to Elastic load balancer. So that your website or your application is never down due to a load.

 AWS pricing:

As discussed above AWS pricing is better compare to other competitors, they offer per hour billing for almost everything. They offer Region Specific pricing, Term Specific pricing and spot resources.

AWS offers you a convenient pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for over 100 cloud services. With AWS you pay only for those individual services which you need, for as long as you use them. You don’t need any long term contract or complex licensing.

Except if you are in the matter of building server centres, you have likely invested much more time and cash doing only that.

With AWS you never again need to commit important assets to building exorbitant foundation, including acquiring servers, programming licenses or renting offices.

With AWS you can supplant vast forthright costs with bring down factor expenses and pay just for what you utilize and for whatever length of time that you require it.

All AWS administrations are accessible on request, and require no long haul contracts and have no complex permitting conditions.

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