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Children’s holiday is an important event not only for the children themselves, but also for their parents. Mom and Dad always want their son to wear the most beautiful and unique costume. Purchased costumes of a hare, wolf or bear no longer look modern and fade into the background (if the image does not involve participation in any production).

Guaranteed exclusivity can be obtained by making an outfit with your own hands. In this case, the parents will definitely be pleased with the result, because they themselves came up with the image and embodied their creative ideas.

In addition, by involving the child in creating a costume, mom and dad get closer to him and have the opportunity to communicate once again, and the son will be very proud of the outfit.

What do you need to make a suit for a boy?

First of all, your desire, as well as imagination and patience. Next, you need to decide on the material and prepare other suitable equipment and tools.

There are several options for basic materials for these purposes:

  • the cloth;
  • paper;
  • cardboard.

Useful for fastening parts: glue, tape, threads, needles. For decoration – colored paper, paints, foil. Further, the parents will certainly have the question of how to make a suit for a boy from scrap materials.

Workshop on making stage costume “Sun”

Master class “Suit Sun”.

Preparing for the next children’s event, we had a need for a suit of the Sun. Since it was not possible to buy a ready-made suit, and, as always, time was running out, we decided to sew ourselves. The costume itself is sewn simply (for which thanks to my colleague Natalya Kiryaksovna Grigorieva), but the upper part of it – the head – made my brain work. And that’s what came of it.

We need:

Foam rubber 2 cm thick – 1.5 * 1m

Foam rubber 1 cm thick – 20 * 20 cm

Glue gun

Glue gun rods – approx. 10 pieces

Sharp large and small scissors

Acrylic paint, yellow, water-thinkable – approx. 100 ml

Spray gun or spray gun

See also:   Paint for painting on clothes. How is it painted on fabric?

Acrylic paint a little white for the eyes and red for tinting

Black felt for eyelashes 0.3 cm thick – 10 * 10 cm

Blue mesh (tulle) – 20 * 20 cm (for the peephole to see)

Elastic band 2cm wide – approx. 1 m

And patience, a lot of patience)))

To begin with, we cut out blanks: approximately two circles (the second, rear, larger, to make darts like a hat, thereby creating room for the head. I cut out the circles by eye, focusing on my head), nose, cheeks, rays of arbitrary length.

Let’s start assembling. Gently glue the foam rubber along the edge on both sides. I forgot the most important thing !!! CUT THE FOAM CUT CLEARLY ALONG THE CIRCUIT SO THAT DO NOT LEAVE TRACES FROM A PENCIL OR A PEN, ELSE EVEN WHEN COLORING, BLACK TRACES WILL APPEAR !!! (tested in my bitter experience).

On the back circle we make darts, I did it intuitively, constantly trying on myself. I think someone who sews well can immediately imagine in what places to cut the foam rubber))) I had to tinker with it.

I apologize for the bitten foam rubber, just my cat Timofey could not remain indifferent and contributed his share to the master class))) (of course, all this had to be cut off). And we continue. We glue the circles by 2/3, leave the rest to wear. On the front circle, we make markings for the eyes, nose and cheeks, draw the lips. We glue all the details and move on to the lips. Cut out the lips from thin foam rubber a little more than those painted on the circle. We cut them into two parts and start gluing. We glue along the contour slightly bending inward, for volume we put foam rubber circles inside the lips.

As soon as the face is assembled, we move on to the rays. We glue them one at a time in the middle of the circle seam. Do not forget about accuracy!

Cut out the pupils so that you can see something in this suit)))

The base is already ready, we start painting. We dilute the paint with water 1: 1 in a spray bottle and go outside, preferably in calm weather. We paint the base at a distance of about 25-30 cm, large pieces will be obtained closer. Let the first layer dry and apply the second. Since time was running out, I dried at home near an open oven on low heat. BUT!!! Be careful, do not overheat the foam rubber, otherwise the glue starts to melt and the parts just stick out.

When everything is dry, we move on to toning (along the edge of the rays and the base) and working out the details. We glue the eyelashes from felt, from the inside we sew on a tulle blue mesh for the eyes. We paint our lips and … – voila!

There is just a tiny little step left! It is necessary to sew the construction of the rubber band inside so that the sun head holds well and, God forbid, does not fly off at the most important moment))). A circle of rubber bands corresponds to the diameter of the head so as not to sting.

So my sunny master class has come to an end. I hope he will captivate you, and you will come up with something of your own, original. I wish you all success and the Sun at the windows)))

Dwarf masquerade outfit

As an example of the first option, you can make a costume of a little fairy-tale gnome for a boy.

To create it, you need: a T-shirt of the same color, pants, black boots, a beard (buy or use cotton wool) and a cap (bought or glued from colored paper).

You can make a quick suit for a boy when you are strictly limited in time, but you have some budget.

How can you make a suit “Sunshine”

Most often, the role of the sun goes to adults or girls. Such models are represented by a headdress and a yellow skirt or sundress.

There may be several options:

  • A skirt-sun, a cape on the shoulders and a round kokoshnik in the shape of the sun.
  • Sundress with a knitted blouse of a suitable shade, yellow large bows on the head.
  • If there is no time to make a costume, then it can be created from basic clothing and small characteristic elements. For example, use a yellow T-shirt and skirt. As an additional element, make a round yellow crown or a medal-badge on the chest.

Paper suit

An interesting and unusual, at the same time, budget option for a children’s party is an outfit for a boy made of paper. To make it, you need to prepare paper, newspapers or magazines.

Plastic bottles and garbage bags will help to add originality. By creating an image, you can realize any ideas that arise. After all, this is what will allow you to make a paper suit for a boy with your own hands special and unique.

Once you have decided on the style, prepare sheets of paper and other material to be used, as well as items for creating patterns: a pencil and a ruler. To fasten the parts you will need a sewing machine, needles, threads, as well as a thin velcro cobweb.

As options for costumes from such material, there can be: an outfit of a robot, a bird, a clown, and others.

DIY sun costume for a girl

Any girl wants to be smart at the holiday. Little princesses like it when the skirt whirls beautifully while dancing, the outfit shimmers with bright shades, and the hairstyle is comfortable and neat. Sewing such a suit yourself is not difficult.

Costume components

The considered model consists of the following elements:

  • skirt;
  • cape;
  • bright yellow bows on the head;
  • yellow tights or socks.

By the way! The skirt should not be made long. It is enough that it is just above the knee. Costumes are often presented with long skirts and sundresses. Such models are uncomfortable to wear. The hem gets tangled in the legs, the girl has to constantly correct it.

Required tools and materials

For manufacturing you will need:

  • Yellow fabric. Satin works well.
  • Sequins are yellow.
  • Large bows on the head.
  • Scissors, threads.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Linen elastic.

Step by step making a sun costume for a girl

Important! When sewing, you need to correctly take measurements from the child. In the case of a sun outfit, you will need to measure the waist circumference, the length of the proposed skirt.

Sewing includes several sequential stages:

  • Skirt making. The model is cut out as a sun skirt. To do this, draw a circle on the fabric. The place of the proposed belt is marked and cut out. The radius of the circle should be equal to the length of the future skirt, taking into account the hem. The finished pattern looks like a round donut with a hole in the middle. The hem of the skirt is folded. An elastic band is inserted into the upper part.
  • Cape making. To do this, the fabric is cut again in the form of a circle. An inner hole is cut out for the neck. The cape differs from the skirt in that it is not one-piece: a button closure is supposed to be at the back. To do this, the circle must be cut along the radius. All edges of the cape are processed. A button is sewn on one edge, a loop on the other.
  • Dressing up skirts and capes. To depict the rays, a thin yellow satin ribbon can be sewn onto the skirt and cape. Such strips of tape are sewn along the entire circumference of the product. To make the sun bright and iridescent, sequins are sewn on clothes in random order.

On a note! It is better to use exclusively yellow glitter. Sometimes sequins of similar shades are sewn: orange, red. But they do not make the costume beautiful, on the contrary, they overload it with unnecessary elements.

  • On the day of the holiday, beautiful tails or pigtails should be braided on the head of the young sun. The choice depends only on the length of the hair and the wishes of the little actress. It is better to take a lot of ribbons for bows, and its color should be saturated. To prevent the hairstyle from losing its appearance, you can fix it with hairspray.
  • Yellow tights or socks complete the look. The choice is made based on the room temperature.

Robot costume for boy

The robot’s outfit made of cardboard and aluminum corrugation, which is perfect as a New Year’s one, will also be original.

To create it, you need to stick silver paper on the box or paint a cardboard suit with a spray can. The outfit can be decorated with bottle caps, wires, LEDs, screws and other small metal parts.

In addition, cardboard can be used to make a cowboy costume, a lego man and many other options that your imagination will tell you.

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DIY suit “Sun” for an adult

Often, teachers ask mothers to play a role at a holiday. Refusing a request due to the lack of an outfit is definitely not worth it. It can be done in one evening.

What the costume consists of

The magical transformation of a mother into a “sun” can be accomplished thanks to the following elements:

  • kokoshnik in a semicircular shape;
  • yellow sundress to the floor;
  • blouses, T-shirts or turtlenecks in a suitable shade;
  • bright makeup.

What you need to make a costume

To make a sun costume for an adult, you need:

  • yellow bright fabric;
  • thick cardboard;
  • yellow sequins;
  • satin ribbon;
  • bright lipstick;
  • yellow T-shirt, blouse or turtleneck;
  • threads, scissors.

What other options are there for masquerade outfits?

You can find other outfit ideas from various magazines and newspapers, as well as from the Internet. Looking at photos of suits for a boy, sewn with your own hands, you will certainly have your own ideas not only for the image itself, but also for decoration options.

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