Secure File Transfer With the Help of AWS

In Present Days a very common scenario for enterprise applications users is to create secure file transfers with external presence like customers and suppliers. Those file transfers not solely have to be compelled to be secure and also have they need additionally cost-efficient.

Depending on Past, enterprises are exploitation Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) servers to fulfil such ends to all customers/clients. However at present running these servers is associate degree overhead and infrequently and they are too much Costly as they describe non cost-efficient.

Amazon net Services is now launched a brand new feature recently, which referred to as AWS Transfer for SFTP.  This Feature allows us to dig deeper into this service, let’s see what it offers, and the way is it higher than running your own file transfer on the servers.

Why do I Need AWS Transfer?

AWS Transfer is best option that could be a totally managed service that provides the transfer of files from AWS S3 to SFTP.

In Present days the necessity for such a user managed service increases as a result of enterprises had to speculate time and money in creating and maintaining the infrastructure of SFTP servers.

While maintaining those types of servers aren’t essential to Main Production business, which wants and needs regular repair, monitoring, user maintaining, and also auditing.

As a perfect managed service results AWS Transfer trying to remove the necessity of overheads like server monitoring and maintenance. That you’ll have to be compelled to knock off case you can try different SFTP suppliers like Filezilla.


AWS Transfer not solely takes away the operational overhead of running SFTP servers however additionally integrates with S3. It stores the files as objects in S3. Once the files area unit in S3, then all advantages of S3 are often availed like international access, use of CloudFront edge locations, use files in a very information lake, etc. you’ll be able to additionally use the uploaded information for machine learning and analytics. you’ll be able to use lifecycle policies of S3 and archive the information.

AWS Transfer will integrate along with your Identity suppliers like LDAP or Active Directory. It additionally supports the Route53 DNS. If you have got associate degree existing SFTP infrastructure, then migrating to AWS Transfer becomes straightforward as you are doing not have to be compelled to do started authentication once more and might use existing domain names. Your user’s current configuration won’t amendment once they migrate to the present service.

Some Exapmles

Some eventualities wherever you’ll realize AWS Transfer helpful are:

Third-party partners have to be compelled to transfer information to AWS in a very secure manner.

Internal workers want file transfers in and out of AWS.

Customers take information hold on in AWS.


Follow the steps below to quickly started AWS Transfer:

1. attend AWS console and navigate to Transfer console. produce associate degree SFTP server end point in AWS and associate a hostname with it. you’ll be able to use Route53 to make a brand new hostname and associate it with server end point. you’ll additionally use the hostname provided by AWS Transfer to access your server end point. If you have already got a hostname, then use a DNS service to route traffic to server end point.

2. started associate degree authentication mechanism for users. It might be your Active Directory.

3. Specify S3 buckets wherever files are hold on. Also, assign acceptable IAM roles.

AWS Console


AWS Transfer deals with SFTP convention, thus, it utilizes a safe passage. It is likewise PCI-DSS and GDPR agreeable. As it stores documents in S3, you can utilize S3 security highlights like S3 Server-Side Encryption or Amazon KMS gave encryption.

Similar to the case with different AWS administrations, you can utilize AWS Cloudwatch to screen your client’s exercises and empower CloudWatch logging.

AWS guarantees the trustworthiness of the records by checking document’s pre and post transfer MD5 checksum.

Automatic Access

For AWS designers, Amazon Transfer suppliers a large group of directions that can be utilized from CLI. These are regularly simple to utilize, as to set up SFTP server, in which the accompanying order works:

Other Usefull commands are here:   stop-server, create-user, list-server, start-server.

Comparison With different suppliers

If we have a tendency to search Microsoft Azure or different cloud suppliers, we are going to realize that none provide a managed SFTP service. AWS is that the first of all the block with AWS Transfer. With this service, it’s met the long-standing demand of the many cloud users. If we’ve got to transfer files into Azure storage, we are going to need to use third-party tools like FileZilla, which is able to end in varied drawbacks mentioned earlier within the article.

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