Stylish fur vests 2021: trendy length, fur and color

The fur vest is a big hit for the upcoming winter season. According to stylists, getting this ultra-fashionable thing does not fit every girl who wants to get into the trend. What is the secret of the popularity of fur sleeveless jackets? Everything is simple here: unlike a pretentious and expensive fur coat, a vest can be mixed with democratic casual clothes, for example, ripped jeans and even sweatpants with stripes. Let’s talk about which fur vests are considered the most fashionable in 2018-2019.

What kind of fur and what kind of processing are relevant for the next season?

Multi-texture, natural tones and lightness are the main rules that dominated world designers in the upcoming winter 2021 2022 season. Bright tones are replaced by wine and pastel tones, emphasizing naturalness and spirituality.

In the new year, natural scribe and mink are in trend. In addition, most fashion houses actively used sable fur in their models.

It should be noted that this season, patchwork fur coats are at their peak of popularity. Such products are most often combined with unshorn fur, which replaces fur with sheared pile. This processing creates an amazing multi-texture.

Unnatural colors have lost their relevance. In the new season, fashionistas will give their choice to furs of natural tones. It is also worth noting the return of the trend to perfectly white furs with long pile. Such models were present at almost every fashion show.

Fashion houses practically did not resort to fur dyeing this season. The only exceptions were models of wine and emerald shades. However, they look very neat and stylish, so conservative girls will definitely appreciate the new trends.

How to choose a fur vest?

The first question that arises before a person who decides to purchase this wonderful thing is to give preference to a model made of natural or artificial fur. Issues of price and quality are closely related to it.

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Of course, unless you ignore the fur for ideological reasons, then the first option is preferable and “more status”. But now even eminent designers sew vests from faux fur. In appearance, the difference is almost invisible. So why pay more? But the final choice is only yours.

  1. The next thing to choose is the style and color. The most advantageous look interestingly colored classic models and, conversely, options from natural fur of a fantasy cut.
  2. Slender tall ladies can afford any model of the most luxurious furs.
  3. For short, fragile women, it is better to wear options from short or sheared fur up to the waist or covering the buttocks.
  4. A few extra pounds will hide an elongated vest to the middle of the thigh made of fur with a short pile. Tie a belt to hide your tummy.
  5. Conduct an audit of your own wardrobe. If tight-fitting clothing predominates there, a vest with a long pile looks better with it. And vice versa.

About fashionable short fur coats, short fur coats 2021 2022

Fashion houses Coach 1941 and Zuhair Murad amazed everyone with their return to the dominant position of animalistic trends. Multi-textured striped products have become a new word.

Fashionistas in the new season should certainly pay close attention to sheepskin coats made in the form of combining stripes of fur. Such models have become a real breakthrough in fashion trends. In this case, the stripes can be either artificially applied to the fur, or made in the form of inserts.

This boho style is suitable for modern, confident girls who are not afraid to combine bright colors. It is worth noting one more important point – products with unshorn fur should look as voluminous as possible.

For lovers of classics, a pleasant surprise will be the return of animalistic trends to the peak of their popularity. Short fur coats and sheepskin coats painted in tiger or leopard prints. They look very elegant and feminine.

However, when choosing such models, preference should be given exclusively to sheared fur, and the product itself should have a classic straight shape or expand to the bottom and have a thin belt.

You need to pay attention to the print of the product – it should not be too flashy. The ideal option is products that, at the first glance, give the impression of iridescent, velvety fur with a golden, warm sheen.

Extravagant vests

Want something extraordinary? Pay attention to the trend that Vetements brings to the masses in the fall-winter 2018-2019 collection. Long fur vests turned inside out, fixed at the waist with a bright belt, will make you a real star.

Short-fitted models can hardly be called practical, and the thermal effect from them is minimal, but how great they look! Wherever you go in this stylish piece, you will invariably draw attention to yourself.

About fashionable medium-length fur coats 2021

Cross mink in natural brown and burgundy shades, as well as straight cut models – a new word in world trends. Sheepskin models took the leading positions.

In the models of medium length, the dominant positions were taken by sheepskin and mink, replacing the fur of the fox and wolf. In this segment, world designers have cleared themselves wonderfully: a huge selection of models and textures, cut and type of fur processing.

Classic fur coats of medium length with alternating sheared and long furs, as well as burgundy coats with various sequins and avant-garde embroidery were noted at fashion shows from Dennis Basso and Valentino.

At the same time, the variety of silhouette solutions in the new season is simply amazing. It is worth noting that when choosing a medium-length fur coat, it will not be difficult for women of fashion to combine them with their wardrobe. They look great with trousers, jeans, and even elongated dresses. When choosing models of medium length, you should not give preference to straight black coats with sheared fur – such models have lost their relevance.

Bulky white sheepskin coats have become a separate trend. Such models, in combination with dresses, look classic and very stylish. Fashion designers this season did not resort to sheared sheepskin, but on the contrary used the most voluminous furs as possible.

If you are tempted to purchase a model with sheared fur, the ideal option would be to pay attention to models made of dyed broadtail fur. Such models look very stylish and perfectly emphasize the individuality of a confident girl.

Marble tints and incredible colors like emerald and lilac featured in the Sies Marjan show are more an exception than a regularity. It is still better to give preference to natural shades, but in the case of this type of fur coloration, it should have a cold shade and a fitted cut.

Fashion Models

Modern trends focus on oversizing. This style was noted, perhaps, in all areas of fashion, and it would be strange if it bypassed fur vests. The advantage of vests, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder, is that they look equally impressive on both a fragile young lady and a girl with a plus size. This versatility makes it possible for every woman to add notes of freshness and ease to her bow, without which it is impossible to imagine a casual style. In the winter of 2021, the oversized style is presented in its hypertrophied version, that is, the more voluminous your vest, the more chances you have to get into the fashion trend.

Straight elongated fur vests of a straight cut, which warm not only the body, but also the soul, do not go out of fashion, since they give the image of glamorous chic and regal luxury. True fashionistas do not want to part with this chic thing in spring, mixing a vest with light chiffon dresses, pleated skirts and other wardrobe items in a romantic style.

Fur vests-kimono (dressing gowns), which instead of the usual fasteners are fixed at the waist with a belt, do not lose their relevance. Thanks to this cunning technique, a vest of such an original cut transforms any fashionable bow, adds a stylish twist to it. In addition, it fits perfectly on any figure and accentuates the waist.

The most practical option for a fur vest is a jacket with detachable sleeves, which, with a slight movement of the hand, transforms into an elegant sleeveless jacket.

Fur vests, complemented by sleeves, look very nice. Despite the fact that the sleeves in this case are purely symbolic, since they barely cover the shoulders, such products find admirers of girls who prefer the casual style.

Many have already appreciated the sheepskin vest, with which you can create trendy street-style looks. Despite the simplicity, models such as in the photo look very impressive, besides, it is in such vests that it is much more convenient to drive a car, go shopping or attend informal events in fur coats.

Vest-dresses look feminine and romantic. The cut can be different, but in each case, the vest will look unusual and very stylish.

About fashionable elongated fur coats 2022

Peach and sandy shades have replaced mint and silver. In addition, designers Rochas and Zuhair Murad revived the fashion trend for azure-colored fur coats.

Elongated fur coats are a win-win option. Whichever model you choose, it must be borne in mind that in no case should it cover the ankles. The choice among elongated fur coats is quite large. Black and white models made using the technique of an extraordinary print or pattern will look great.

Attention should be paid to all sand and peach coats. This shade is an unconditional trend of the new season. At the same time, the product can be fitted and straight, however, when choosing a fitted elongated fur coat, it is better to give preference to sheared fur, but straight models should be chosen only if they have voluminous, unshorn fur.

Another trend of the season was pastel azure shades of sheared fur. These models look great with pants and jeans. Designers, in combination with such unusual fur, necessarily used large black buttons or black leather belts, thereby giving the silhouette a note of elegance and restraint.

Another new trend is worth noting – striped coats with alternating violet and orange mink stripes. Such models were seen at once at three fashion houses. Mary Katrantzou has diluted their collection with a gorgeous lavender-colored fur coat with a fancy black mesh print. When choosing such bright and ambiguous models, select them according to the principle of matching the boho style, they will be really win-win.

Fashionable fur vests 2019-2020: photos, news, ideas, what to wear

Spectacular things are the basis of your personal image. Today’s fashion is inconceivable without impractical, at first glance, rather expensive, but very beautiful and stylish things. It is they who turn any everyday image into a unique one, it is enough to put them on. One of the most striking examples of fashionable fur vests is 2020-2021. These models are not a revelation of the trends of this year, they are not worn for the first season, but the fashion for them is changing rapidly. Moreover, they require a special choice, the ability to combine them in the wardrobe and even wear them. Too many conditions? But the result is worth it!

Fashion trends are fast-paced and sometimes elusive. Especially for things like a stylish fur vest. Moreover, a true fashionista is interested in an exclusive, and preferably unique thing. It’s no secret that such a thing cannot be cheap, which means that it makes sense to buy an expensive designer model and enjoy its possession for several seasons.

About fashionable fur vests 2021 2022

Vests made of sheepskin with a fold-over collar, like a leather jacket, as well as voluminous vests made of transverse mink – the trend of spring and autumn 2021 2022.

Fur vests do not lose their great relevance. Many fashion designers have presented bright and stylish models in a hippie-chic look at their shows. Some vests had a leather fold-over collar, giving the models a zest. Models with a transverse alternation of sheared and unshorn furs of gray and white shades remain in trend. Models of short vests made of sheepskin fur have become a new trend.

The fashion house Elizabeth presented amazing vests in its outstanding collection. It is impossible not to pay attention to the vest of a gentle peach shade, which immediately became a new trend. But the designer Rachel Zoe pleasantly surprised his customers with an interesting combination of astrakhan fur and sheepskin in one model.

The dominant positions on the world stage are still occupied by vests without a hood. Voluminous straight cut models with long fur will suit almost any outfit. When choosing a vest, it is not necessary to be limited in color in a given season. The variety of color shades will allow every fashionista to choose the ideal model for herself. However, in the spring and fall of 2021 2022, vests made of fox or wolf fur will no longer be relevant.

In this case, it is better to give your preference to models made of mink, astrakhan fur or sheepskin. It is worth noting one more point – models made of solid, unshorn fur, which do not have transverse stripes, are best worn with a wide black belt. And models with sheared or short fur, which also do not have horizontal or vertical stripes, are best framed in a thin black leather belt.

In the new season of autumn and winter 2021 2022, every fashionista must definitely choose a stylish and fashionable fur product for herself. Thanks to the huge variety of models, it will be very easy to choose the perfect fit.

And the variety of combinations of shades and textures will allow you to create amazing images, ranging from classic to avant-garde silhouettes.

Fashion trends

Fur vests are a timeless trend that has not given up its position for many years. Even hardened skeptics have surrendered to the onslaught of the fur fashion industry and are forced to look for a suitable model, while fashion bloggers, celebrities and stylists compete in the ability to effectively present this stylish wardrobe item. Violent protests of animal advocates did not prevent this fashionable imperishable from holding the palm. Luxurious products made of Scandinavian and North American mink, polar fox, Barguzin sable, fox, lynx, chinchilla, sheepskin (no particular type of fur is relied upon) once again reigns on the catwalks, eclipsing even fur coats and sheepskin coats. The relief texture of karakul is very much appreciated: textural delights among the hot trends of 2019.

By the way, today more and more famous designers, even those from whom this was not expected at all, for example, Donatella Versace, prefer to work with artificial fur. It looks exactly like a real one, but it costs several times cheaper. For many women, the budget of eco-fur is a great opportunity to make adjustments to their wardrobe every winter.

Fashionable vests made of natural and faux fur are presented in both natural and vibrant colors, ranging from lemon yellow to doll-like pink. Well, if you want to be known as a sophisticated fashionista, choose a vest from their fur in a shade of precious stones:

  • sapphire;
  • emerald;
  • ruby.

Fur fashion trends include:

  • no collar and hood;
  • maxi length;
  • patch pockets;
  • combining different types of fur;
  • calorblocking;
  • printed fur;
  • a combination of fur and leather or suede;
  • asymmetrical hem;
  • loose fit.

Long pile is more relevant, although in the collections of eminent designers there are many original products made of short-piled fur. As for the decorative elements, the designers are convinced that a fur vest is a self-sufficient, bright thing, therefore it does not need additional decorations. Moreover, decor and fur are already from the “too much” category.

Beautiful fur vests 2019-2020: long models are your opportunity to look chic

Just in the fall, a cozy and stylish fur vest will be in the theme. The main thing is to decide what to wear with such a thing and what vests are in trend now. Fur sleeveless jackets appeared somewhere in the late 60s, but only since 2008 they began to flicker in the collections of famous fashion houses. Now, vests are very much loved by both designers, for the variability of images, and by customers – for their convenience and style.

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