Types of tulle in the nursery: for a girl, a boy, a photo
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Types of tulle in the nursery: for a girl, a boy, a photo

What is tulle and is it needed in a nursery?

Tulle is a type of transparent thin fabric based on cotton or semi-silk fabric. Its production is carried out using special lace or curtain machines.

Tulle itself on the windows is so familiar that it is considered a design classic. Airy fabric favorably beats the window opening, adding lightness to it. She does not shade from the bright sun, so a natural question may arise, is she needed in the nursery?

Children’s room tulle is a versatile design option suitable for both a boy’s room and a girl’s room.

It has the following undeniable advantages:

  • durability of use;
  • practicality;
  • in a predominant amount, it is natural, and, therefore, environmentally friendly fabrics;
  • thanks to its lightness, tulle does not irritate the child with its appearance;
  • matter creates light protection from the sun;
  • protects the room from dust, and the curtains from burning out under the influence of the sun;
  • a very beautiful and light design is created;
  • giving the interior elegance

In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is imperative to take into account the following points:

  1. Nursery style.
  2. The size of the room.
  3. Design approach.

In addition to traditional use as a curtain for a window, tulle can be used to create a canopy over a bed in a girl’s room or for zoning a space, separating, for example, a sleeping place from a play area or study area.

Tulle is not always a curtain

Tulle can function not only as a window curtain. It is hung over a crib or teenage bed. In the modern world of design, many models and variations of canopies have been invented – it can be the sails of a ship, a palm leaf, a castle tower and much more, depending on the wishes of the child. For little girls and boys, even in a teenager’s room – it is possible to beat any option here.

The canopy should be compatible with the interior and can be the same as the window curtains. It will perform decorative and protective functions. Can enclose the space, creating a small secluded spot for the child’s fantasies and dreams. There are various ways of attaching the canopy.

Airy matter can play the role of a partition, dividing a room into a recreation area and a play area, a training place. If a child is studying, playing, sleeping in one large room, then by highlighting some part of the room with a curtain, you can make it more comfortable. A decorative curtain can visually divide the space with color. Thus, a very fantastic, fabulous and extraordinary room for the baby comes out.

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Size and color: highlighting important points

The direction of the design in the design of the nursery should be reflected even in the smallest details. Every piece of furniture is important.

Choice of shades and choice of accents

In the nursery, bright colors often dominate. If there are so many of them, then for window decoration it is better to take a plain canvas. If, on the contrary, the decor of the room is focused on the predominance of calm shades, then the curtain can be chosen brighter.

Competently placing accents in a room is a serious task. Even if you want to use tulle as a color accent, it is advisable to refuse excessively bright colors. We are talking, for example, about the prevalence of bright scarlet. It can be present, but not as the main background color.

Canvas drawings are optional. Their theme and size should be appropriate for the age and gender of the child. The younger the baby, the larger the print can be.

Advice! If a print is not provided, then it is better to give preference to neutral shades.

What determines the size of the canvas?

Window decor is largely determined by its size. The tulle for the nursery can be selected in good length. Traditionally, a large curtain will create the impression of a spacious room. If the window in the room is significant, then the tulle on the window can be short, up to the windowsill. This length will visually add lightness to the room.

The width of the curtain fabric required for the window decoration is determined by the formula: the length of the cornice multiplied by a coefficient, which can be from 2 to 2.5. If thick folds are planned, then the coefficient is chosen more, and if modest folds, then less.

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How to choose the right tulle for boys

The son is the future head of the family, protector and winner in life. From a very young age, he must be brought up in the right direction. Therefore, tulle with butterflies in the men’s room will look at least inappropriate.The boy’s room should have a restrained and concise look, because it is the surrounding interior that lays the character of the baby, his masculine qualities

Psychologists recommend equipping the boys’ nursery in calm and laconic colors. Therefore, when choosing the color and design of tulle, you need to be especially careful. Experts recommend using curtains in white, blue, blue and olive colors to decorate the boy’s room. Also, do not forget about the design of the curtains. For young children, choose tulle with patterns. For a child’s boy, curtains with cars, airplanes, trains, boats and other types of transport are suitable. Curtains with cartoon characters (tulle cars, spiderman, pokemon, etc.) will also look perfect here.It is good when tulle has something in common with furniture, walls or decor.

But as the boy grows up, his preferences also change. For girls, everything is much simpler – pink is suitable for both a child girl and a teenager. As a teenager, a boy will not be very impressed by children’s drawings on curtains. In this case, strict patterns and shapes are best suited: stripes, squares, triangles.Blue tulle is suitable for a teenager’s room with white furniture. A very popular combination of tulle with a roman shade, which will provide blackout in the daytime

Design options

Modern approaches to decoration are not limited to the traditional arrangement of curtain fabrics. Tulle can play many roles in your nursery, adding an element of novelty to the decor. An interesting design technique can be the arrangement of the tulle not on the usual cornice near the curtain, but much closer to the window.

Another original technique is the alternation of thin tulle with solid blackout curtains. It will also look unusual to grab a thin curtain on the sides with the help of holders.

For those children who find it convenient to fall asleep only in complete darkness, we recommend supplementing the weightless tulle with roller blinds or roman blinds. Thanks to their simple mechanism, they are convenient to use. By adjusting the degree of rise of the dense web, a comfortable environment with the required level of illumination is created.

Similar in principle of operation, both roller blinds and roman blinds look beautiful on windows due to the laconic form, and go well with tulle curtains.

Advice! Using curtains and tulle to frame the window opening at the same time, it is better to focus on only one type of curtain.

Shadow curtains in the boy’s room

When choosing children’s curtains for boys, it is better to give preference to lightweight products, a heavy curtain for a child’s room will not work, even if the parents really like it. Curtains should be combined with furniture and wallpaper, in order to avoid mistakes, you need to build on several universal rules.

Children’s room with straight classic curtains with many folds and additional niche lighting.

  • The color of the curtains can match the color scheme of wallpaper and furniture upholstery, or act as a new color in the interior. If the color scheme of furniture and wallpaper is similar, then the curtains can stand out in scale.
  • If you choose a similar shade for the walls and curtains, then the windows will not stand out, but this will visually enlarge the room. This is true for small children’s rooms.
  • Do not deny yourself and your child in bright colors. If the child has chosen a color that does not match any of the interior elements, do not interfere with his self-expression. Add new details such as a pouf or decorative pillows in the desired color.

The photo shows a modern design of a teenager’s children’s room, where roller blinds with an ornament harmoniously fit. Roller blinds in the nursery have the same mechanism as the Roman ones, but they are rolled up.

In the field of interior design, new trends are constantly emerging, in this case, the priority will not be fashion, but comfort for the child. Children have their own vision, be prepared for the fact that your proposed novelty will not be appreciated. Look at the photo of curtains for the nursery in the interior with your child, and you will understand what you need. Backlit curtains along the cornice will look original.

When viewing photos of curtains in the interior of a nursery, remember that any curtains can be ordered in different lengths. Curtains can be floor-length or sill-length. How to choose the length of the curtain for the nursery is described below. Short curtains in the nursery will open the radiator for more heat transfer, or open the wall, for example, for a desk.

The choice of fabric composition: what to look for?

A completely transparent or translucent fabric can have a different composition. The density of the material for the tulle is selected taking into account the requirements that are imposed on the curtain. For example, on the lower floors, it is advisable to hang thicker curtains.

For your information! By its structure, the tulle fabric can be smooth, patterned or mesh.


The cotton curtain is beautiful with its delicate curls. It looks good with linen or cotton curtains. This option can be used in modern, classic and simple rustic interiors. The cotton fabric is environmentally friendly and suitable for use in the nursery.


This is a synthetic material that has high-performance properties: it does not wrinkle, does not fade, and does not shrink during washing. The disadvantages include synthetic origin and the ability to accumulate static electricity.

Blended material

Polyester/cotton tulle may even be a better option than just cotton or synthetics. It has strength and visual appeal practically does not wrinkle.

What is tulle

This type of fabric is a beautiful, delicate, insightful, light and delicate fabric, made using special technologies. Tulle took root in a beautiful small town in France. The basis of this material was a semi-silk fiber or cotton.

The technology of this canvas does not stand still, each time improving and delighting us with a new style. Nowadays, you can find tulle of various types from a smooth monochromatic version to a decorative patterned look.

How to beautifully fix the tulle in the nursery?

There are several ways to secure the curtain fabric. Additionally, in the girl’s room, it can be used to create a light, graceful lambrequin.


Curtains on eyelets are an acceptable window decoration option, especially for a boy. Rings can be not only metal, but also plastic. This fastener is durable, especially with a carefully installed cornice. For the girl’s room, it is advisable to choose pink or red eyelets that match the design of curtains and curtains.

Curtain tape

In the girl’s room, the curtain fabric can be fixed with a curtain tape, which is a braid. It is sewn along the top edge. Slightly pleating will look very delicate. This method of fastening is suitable for girls who handle their belongings carefully. But in the nursery for the boy, it is better to choose a more reliable option.

Webbing ribbons

In the nursery, a curtain with fasteners in the form of satin loops, which are fastened with decorative buttons, will look interesting and very girlish. For the room of an active little prankster, it is possible to replace the buttons with buttons. This option will be safer if the child pulls sharply on the edge.

Advice! Girls love beautiful accessories in decoration. The little one will surely love the bow-shaped ties for attaching the curtains.

Types of tulle for a nursery

Curtains for the nursery are selected according to the same principles as in other rooms. If the children’s room is made in bright colors, tulle is used in soothing shades. For a neutral interior, contrast curtains are suitable.

Psychologists recommend paying attention to the effects of colors on the psyche of children. So, it is better to refuse red, dark gray and black solutions.

The size of the tulle is selected taking into account the parameters of the window. If the arch is small, you should purchase massive products and fix them on a long cornice. This method creates the effect of visual expansion of the space, filling the interior with lightness and airiness.

The existing types of curtains differ in the material of manufacture. The use of 100% synthetic drapery is not recommended. It is better to replace it with the following fabric options:

  1. Cotton. Does not require complex maintenance, but is subject to wear and tear. Therefore, it is better to buy tulle with a margin.
  2. Flax. A thin canvas that can be decorated and decorated with your own hands.
  3. Organza. Contains chemical fibers, but is a harmless and environmentally friendly raw material for the production of tulle.
  4. Chintz. Available fabric made of cotton. It lends itself well to cleaning and quickly restores its original shape.

Depending on the method of fastening, the tulle can be:

  1. Tape.
  2. Looped.
  3. On the eyelets.

The first type is used when fixing curtains and curtains to the eaves. Differs in ease of operation, but can easily break off.

Looped analogs withstand increased loads and remain on the eaves when the child tries to break them.

Eyelets are compact fasteners that securely fix the tulle over the window sill and prevent the fabric from breaking. They give the curtains a clean look by creating clear vertical lines.

For a boy’s room

The right approach to designing and buying tulle will show your child that you are interested in his hobbies.

When choosing curtains for your son, you should take into account the recommendations of the designers:

  1. For a child aged 5-7 years, canvases with cars or characters of your favorite cartoons are suitable.
  2. For young men, they select striped or polka-dot curtains, products with geometric patterns, marine and space themes, or options in soothing colors.

Psychologists recommend using a laconic and restrained color palette in teenagers’ rooms. The use of shades is allowed:

  1. Blue.
  2. Olive.
  3. White.
  4. Blue.

For the girl’s room

When decorating the walls in the girl’s room, it is necessary to choose desaturated and gentle tones. The most popular shades of curtains include:

  1. Light green.
  2. Peach.
  3. Light green.

Canvases with patterns, floral themes, elements of a garden and a forest look no less beautiful.

Someone stops only at the pink palette, but the main thing is not to overdo it. If you use overly saturated shades, it will adversely affect the child’s mental health. It is better to dilute the pink range with white or neutral elements.

Particular emphasis is placed on the fastening of the curtains. Children are curious and active, which is why they often ride curtains or try to climb the windowsill using a fabric product. Therefore, you should securely fasten the canvas to the eaves and provide side fasteners.

A simple ribbon tied with a bow is suitable for these purposes. In addition to practical functions, this will add additional comfort and tenderness to the interior

Curtain design

Photo printing on a curtain is a fashionable trend in interior decoration for children. The image of your favorite fairy-tale characters will surely please both boys and girls. If you cannot find the desired character among the ready-made curtains, the curtain can be made to order.

The transparent texture of the matter makes the image seem to be illuminated by light, adds a three-dimensional effect. In addition to images of cartoon characters and books, drawings of beautiful landscapes, butterflies, hearts, flowers – everything that a little girl or boy will like, can be transferred onto a thin canvas. Such a curtain will look very decorative and unusual, complementing the interior of the child’s personal space.

Despite the presence of a pattern, a thin curtain will not be able to produce significant shading. Therefore, it is desirable to complement the design of the window opening with dim light curtains.

For your information! Printed tulle is washable.

The combination of curtains on the windows

Beautiful, transparent or matte, light, smooth, thread or mesh fabric on the window will create coziness in the room.

Such a curtain is made mainly of cotton or silk threads. When decorating a window, it is worth considering the characteristics of tulle fabrics, the location of the room. If the windows of the nursery face the sunny side, then you can choose tulle without restrictions (white, non-standard colors, with a bright pattern).

In summer and spring, denser materials in saturated colors are preferred, which can protect the room from bright sunlight. This is important if the student’s workplace is located near or along the window. In the cold season, products of lighter colors will be relevant.

In the combination of curtains on the windows, the color and texture of the material is important.

  • If the tulle is made of cotton or other natural thread, then sew the curtains from similar materials, for example, from linen, cotton or knitted fabric.
  • For heavy, even and dense curtains with decor, a light and weightless neutral color with a simple pattern is suitable.
  • On a large and wide window, a short tulle to the windowsill looks good, on a small one – a traditional long curtain.

The combination of curtain and tulle textures is also important in design. If both accessories are bright and juicy, the room will be too saturated, if they are monochromatic – boring and monotonous. There should be a balance: the curtain is bright and patterned, which means the tulle is monochromatic, without unnecessary details.

Other ways to decorate the window

Tulle is not the only thin fabric used for windows. An interesting design can be obtained using organza, veil or muslin.


It is a soft fabric that has good breathability and does not collect dust. The veil can also be printed.


This fabric is stiffer than a veil. It is based on polyester fibers that create a matte sheen. A wide color palette allows you to choose a shade suitable for the interior. The main disadvantage is low air permeability. Because of this, the curtains should be pulled apart during the ventilation of the room.


Multi-colored or plain threads can be decorated with decorative elements and beautifully draped. In terms of its functionality, muslin has the same properties as tulle, gently diffusing light and protecting the room from prying eyes from the street.

Kisei and tulle are harmoniously combined with each other and can be used in one design. Such a duet creates an elegant and fresh window decoration, especially in the girl’s room. Beads, beautiful butterflies or flowers can be used as additional elements.

For your information!Thread curtains are designed for children from 3 years old.

The thoughtful design of the children’s room creates a practical and attractive interior. Starting from early childhood, the little one should be surrounded by beautiful and comfortable items, including tulle on the window.

Color options

Before deciding what color the curtains will be, it is worth considering the gender (boy or girl) and the age of the child.

Tulle in the nursery for a girl should choose pastel colors: various shades of pink, yellow, lilac, light green. The fabric can have drawings of your favorite characters or floral patterns. You can shade the tulle with more contrasting curtains.

The tulle in the nursery for the boy will be cold shades. The boy’s room can be decorated in light blue, blue, gray or white. It will be ideal if the tone of the material will overlap with the color of the floor, wallpaper or bedding of the child. Comic and cartoon characters can also be depicted on the curtains.

Tulle for a nursery looks beautiful on its own or in a duet with curtains. The emphasis should be on one thing. If the tulle is in a bright color, then the curtains should be muted pastel colors. When, on the contrary, there is an emphasis on curtains, then the tulle curtain will be in delicate light shades.

It is better to choose curtains for the nursery from natural materials, simple cut, in order to facilitate their care. Also in the nursery, curtains should perform a protective function from light. Do not decorate curtains in a nursery with beads, fringes, artificial flowers. It is not safe for a small child.

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